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A proposal has been made to close the 90 freeway that provides easy access for millions of people in Southern California to the beach. This site is intended as an easy way for you to educate yourself on the issue and fight to prevent this from happening.


Here is a link to a petition to keep the 90 freeway open.


If the 90 freeway is closed, millions of people who live in dozens of cities like Inglewood, Compton, Gardena, Hawthorne, Cerritos, Bellflower, Norwalk will have to go three miles through side streets to get to the beach adding significant time to just wanting to have some fun with their families on the weekend.

Here is the text from the petition above.


The proposed 90 freeway tear down has raised significant concerns among Los Angeles County District 2 residents of Ladera Heights, Marina del Rey, Windsor Hills, Culver City and Westchester regarding its potential consequences. While we understand the need for infrastructure improvements and urban development, it is crucial that these decisions are made with careful consideration for those who will be most affected by them. Our input should be valued and taken into account before any Federal funds are granted by Pete Buttigieg, Secretary U.S. Department of Transportation, for the proposed feasibility study justifying the demolition of the the 90 freeway. The decision to tear down the 90 freeway should not be solely in the hands of the City of Los Angeles and Mayor Karen Bass who believes the 90 Freeway is a “freeway to nowhere.” This belief doesn’t give Mayor Bass the right to cancel our voices!

As a 31 year resident of Ladera Heights, I am deeply concerned about the proposed 90 Freeway tear down that will directly impact our community. Ladera Heights is not just any neighborhood; it holds the distinction of being the 3rd most affluent African American community in the nation. Our community has worked hard to create a safe and prosperous environment for our families, and we believe that our voices should be heard when decisions are made that will affect us directly. It is crucial that Ladera Heights, Marina del Rey, Windsor Hills, Culver City, and Westchester residents have a say in this decision-making process, as it directly affects our daily lives and well-being.

Culver City has wisely chosen to pass on being the leading agency for the 90 Freeway tear down. One significant reason is because Streets For All, a local nonprofit seeking federal funding for a feasibility study justifying the tear down, FAILED to gather input from community members – those who will bear the brunt of this decision. This lack of consideration for our voices is unacceptable!

As tax-paying citizens, our input is invaluable in understanding how tearing down the 90 freeway will disrupt our daily lives - from commuting times and traffic congestion to access to essential services and quality of life. Traffic congestion is already a major issue in Los Angeles County, and tearing down the 90 Freeway without proper planning could exacerbate this problem significantly.

To ensure that Ladera Heights, Marina del Rey, Windsor Hills, Culver City and Westchester residents are heard and considered throughout this process, we demand that Mayor Karen Bass engage with us directly. Our community deserves an opportunity to express concerns, ask questions, propose alternatives if necessary, and ultimately shape decisions that will have long-lasting consequences for all residents. We insist on transparency and meaningful public participation throughout every stage beginning with Mayor Karen Bass' solicitation of funds for a feasibility study from Pete Buttigieg, Secretary U.S. Department of Transportation.

Sign this petition today if you believe it is essential for Mayor Karen Bass and the other elected officials who support the 90 Freeway tear down, Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell, State Assemblymember Isaac Bryan and State Senator Lola Smallwood-Cuevas, should engage with Ladera Heights, Windsor Hills, Marina del Rey, Culver City and Westchester residents before making any decisions regarding the demolition of the 90 freeway. Let us ensure that decisions affecting our community are made with transparency and accountability. Together, we can work towards a future where our voices are heard and our concerns are addressed.

Thanks for your support.

Daphne Bradford

This site is not affiliated with Daphne Bradford - just providing awareness on this issue.

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